Ski Shapes

Now that we’ve talked about the various design points its time to put them together into your custom ski design. Below you’ll find some of my thoughts on the various types of ski shapes that we can design. Keep in mind that these are only examples of each of the ski types listed above. Coming soon you’ll be able to see the full library of shapes we have built over the last 4 years to help you select what you’d like to build for yourself.

Traditionally Shaped Skis

IMG_2817A traditionally shaped ski has three defined dimensions, typically defined by the tip, waist and tail widths.

This  design can either be a traditionally cambered ski or may include a rocker in the tip or both the tip and tail. This is a solid choice for an all mountain ski, dedicated front-side groomer or hardpack ski with traditional camber.

Throw the old rules out the window by adding some width and a little rocker and you’ll be amazed at what a “traditionally shaped” ski can do.

To the right  you’ll see an example of a all mountain design with dimensions of 133/98/118. It has a  traditional shape with some shallow tip rocker and camber under foot.

4 Dimension Skis

IMG_2952This ski is defined by 2 tip dimensions. This usually means that the tip has a slight reverse sidecut, which adds to the versatility of the design. This design also typically has a rockered tip. These first two dimensions describe how much reverse sidecut there is in the tip.  This gives the ski a bit of a shark nose or water ski look in the tip depending on how much reverse sidecut there is.

The waist and the tail dimensions in this design are unchanged from traditional shapes. For example the UpSlope model has dimensions of 134-135-105-122, as pictured to the left. This design is very versatile and does many things well. Good edge hold on hardpack, floats well in the powder and is easy to drive. The lack of tail rocker and longer running length  gives this ski a solid feel on groomers. This might be the “swiss army knife” of ski designs, at least in my book.

5 Dimension Skis

IMG_2253This design incorporates reverse sidecut in both the tip and tail with traditional sidecut underfoot. This design is also very versatile and can be skied in nearly any conditions. But where this design really excels is in powder, crud, corn and mashed potatoes.

Due to the very short running length on this they of design it will ski short and, at times, can be a bit squirrelly when skied on firm snow if not tuned properly/ But put them on a soft groomer, in corn or in a couple inches of powder and they really shine.

Many times this design has rockers in both the tip and the tail.  This type of ski excels in deep snow and in tight spaces where the tail rocker will improve float and maneuverability of the ski.

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