Ski Construction

Each pair of WhiteRoom Skis is designed and built from start to finish by our hands using the best materials available.

WhiteRoom Skis are constructed with eco-friendly Entropy Resins epoxy, 4001 grade Durasurf P-tex bases, Durasurf UHMWPE sidewalls, Rockwell hardness 48 steel edges, VDS rubber dampening strips, Vectorply triaxial fiberglass as well as carbon fiber.

Our top sheets feature wood marquetry artwork. We use beautiful wood veneers, abalone shell inlays, wood burning and custom metal leafing to make each pair a one of a kind, high performance, ski-able, work of art.

The core might be the most important component in ski construction. If you want a top quality, high performance ski then start with the core. The cores we build are vertically laminated and consist of a variety of hardwoods such as maple, ash, yellow birch, and poplar. You won’t find anything but locally harvested, high quality, Vermont hardwood in our cores.


A typical core is shown here. We pre-bond the UHMWPE sidewall with epoxy directly to a plank of Ash hardwood. Strips of the hardwood stringer and sidewall material are then bonded directly to the core, this method may take a bit more time but the result is bomber.

We use hard maple to enhance binding screw retention, its strength, elasticity and for its damp characteristics. Ash is known to be very strong and highly resistant to shock. This makes it a great choice as the backbone of our cores and to back our UHMW sidewalls. Yellow birch is also known to be strong, hard and for its high shock resistance. Poplar is a very lightweight hardwood. We use this to decrease core weight and for its easy shaping characteristics. The variety of wood densities in our cores provides strength as well as a damp yet responsive ride.

We also build our cores with the wider foot print of today’s freeride bindings in mind to ensure you get good hardwood for mounting your bindings. We build our cores with only the best wood available because we know that you can’t build great skis without first building a superior core.

WhiteRoom is able to source sublimated plastic top sheet graphics, Titanal metal layers and specialized composites in limited, special order quantities.

Construction Gallery