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Back in December I was at the Killington Test Fest demo event. Eric Edelestein was there also and skied two WhiteRoom Models and has written his unbiased review of the Rise and Alaia demo models.

Here is the direct link to Eric’s full review of several craft ski brands at Exoticskis.com

Here is the text of his review, click the link above to see the review with pictures added.

Vincent Faraci carefully crafts only a few pairs of White Room skis in the northern part of Vermont each season, and they are beautiful works of art with great performance and personality.

Vin creates his skis with cores of locally harvested, laminated mixtures of maple, ash, yellow birch, and poplar, eco-friendly epoxy resins, Durasurf 4001 Durasurf bases, Durasurf UHMWPE sidewalls, Rockwell hardness 48 steel edges from CDW, VDS rubber dampening strips, Vectorply triaxial fiberglass as well as carbon fiber. He tops them off with beautiful wood veneers, abalone shell inlays, wood burning and custom metal leafing (very nice).

Photographs don’t do justice to Vin’s creations, and everyone who came by the demo tent for White Room essentially gasped when they saw the craftsmanship and obvious care displayed by the skis’ final form. “Gorgeous” was the word most typically heard by visitors to Vin’s tent. White Room skis are painstakingly assembled from very carefully selected materials with specific performance goals in mind.

Like Lucid Skis from Maine, Vin’s skis are built one-at-a-time for specific customers with specific ideas of what they want from their skis. Artisanal construction is the best way to describe it. One person said they wanted to buy the skis and just mount them on the wall in their living room.

White Room Skis Alaia 180 cm (130-109-108 r-13.4m)

This 5-point geometry ski from White Room immediately felt like it wanted to be “in snow” rather than “on snow” at slower, low-angle speeds. It felt maybe a bit laggy and maybe a little burly… but not really…if that makes any sense… Being in the 110mm category underfoot, this was understandable. Bump up the speed a few notches and get it up on edge with some pressure, and it immediately hooked up with a vengence and carved impressive lines across mixed surfaces and even hardpack in GS- mode.

Venturing into the softer stuff off the edges of the trails revealed the Alaia likes to surf its nose and hook up underfoot and in the tail to pretty much let you go anywhere with security without burning too many calories to get it done. Alaia has an elegant turn shape in its sweet spot radius, and can be thrown sideways to scrub speed with ease. Dampening is excellent, and the faster you go, the better they go, becoming agile, but always stable.

It feels like Vin wanted a back-country ski with frontside prowess, and he hit the mark nicely. The craftsmanship and cosmetic appeal are stunningly attractive. The ski is a work of art that performs impressively with a great personality lots of people will find hard to resist. Really nice and unique.

White Room Skis Rise 183 cm (125-132-108-115mm – 30 cm tip rocker with reverse side cut in the tip, traditional side cut and camber underfoot with sidecut all the way back to a flared tail)

Vin Faraci said “…these are my favorites…” when he handed me the 183s. These were one of his “4-point” designs, and they immediately put a grin on my face and several other people who tried it. The balanced mix of rocker, sidecut, camber and flex had a great sweet spot enhancing the turn initiation with a shortened effective edge, yet railed with authority and was able to snake in and out of the Eastern trees without much effort.

A strong and sporty tail led to some really fun acceleration out of the turns when loaded and released. This ski had a relatively thick base profile underfoot, yet tapered down to a more common tip and tail thickness, which was unusual, but very effective and delivered a great ride. There is a feeling of refinement and elegance to the way the White Room Rise behaved, and in an age where some skis coming out of major factories feel somewhat generic at times, the specialized feel coming from a small shop’s design is welcome and very rewarding.

This ski, like Vin’s other designs, has a backcountry flavor with frontside chops added in for Eastern conditions. Watching people pick up a pair of White Room skis and examine the woodwork was like watching kids in a candy store. The good news is these are not just pretty skis, but really effective tools for people who are serious about performance.

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